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The 2015-2016 financial year has finally come to an end for Blois Foot. Blois has the largest section of ASSE associate supporters in France. “It is in this city that there is the largest section of associate supporters of ASSE in France, explains Romeyer. The following table gives the list of Nîmes Olympique players in the France team, the number of selections and the corresponding period, as well as the total number of selections during the player's career. In the summer of 2012, Yves Deroff joined the club after his long professional career and Blois Foot finished second again for the 2012-2013 financial year, then fourth again the following year. In 2007, nine Norman companies (Credit Agricole, the Batteur group, the Hamelin group, Eurologistic, the Cotentin dairy masters, Frial, the financial investment company ASM and shareholders of the Accor group) held 70% of the club's capital. During the 2016-2017 season, Blois Foot 41 held on, with eighth place in Group B of CFA 2, sixteen points from the climb and eleven from relegation. 2019: winner of group B of National 2 and reaches National. In 1986, in support of Paris' bid to host the 1992 Summer Olympics, PSG displayed the city's bid logo on its shirts until the results were announced..

With his new coach, the results are even worse in 2009-2010 and a fifteenth and penultimate place seven points from maintenance, synonymous with a return to regional. The season ends with an eleventh place in CFA 2, disappointing for the taste of management with only four points more than the roadblocker. The second half was to the advantage of the GF38 which chained dangerous situations, but on a counter, Gabriel Obertan made the break in the 51st. The people of Isérois push to try to get back into the game with a strike from Pierre Boya cleared for a corner, a corner taken by Laurent Batlles which was unsuccessful. The Dauphinois won from the start of the match, in the 28th minute Maurito, on trial at the GF, opened the scoring for the Alpine team, 1-0. About ten minutes later it was Yoric Ravet who made the break with a superb lobe on the Bastia goalkeeper. Date Opponent Day Place Score Report Goalscorers Class. But on the last day, the club lost at home with a score of 2 to 3 against the Entente Sannois Saint-Gratien, provoking the anger of some supporters who invaded the stadium in order to do battle with the opposing players.

For jerseys, since its commissioning, the club has been playing in completely red clothes at home and in very light colors, even white, outside. BF 41 plays its home matches there. » 77. Many workers, too, lived intensely on Saturday afternoons by attending the matches of their 78 football team. evangelical. In grey, the selections of international players among young people but who have never been called up to the higher levels once the age limit has been exceeded. Two years later, the team won the new National 3 in the regional pool and returned to the fourth division for the second time in its history. The BF41 did not maintain it and evolved in CFA 2 until the end of the 2000s. Relegated to the Division of Honor, the club came up against second place for five seasons, cheap football shirts not allowing it to go up. Villa made their international debut in 2005. He has since appeared in three major tournaments, becoming an integral member of Spain's squads that won Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup. He scored three goals at the World Cup 2006, was the top scorer at Euro 2008 and won the Silver Boot at the 2010 World Cup. He is the first Spanish player to reach fifty international goals and is therefore the top scorer of his national team, he has also scored more World Cup goals than any other player in La Roja's history.

In 1997, on a political will, the city of Grenoble takes charge of the football club and decides to merge Olympique Grenoble Isère (OGI) and Norcap Grenoble (amateur club created in 1950 from the merger between Nordest, a club from factory and FC La Capuche, a neighborhood club in Grenoble) to become Grenoble Foot 38. At the same time, Grenoble Foot Féminin became the women's section of the club. 60. The club returns to the national level after six years of waiting. In 2007-2008, Blois Foot saw the return of Issa Cissokho, cheap football shirts trained at the club. The Friendly Association of Blois Youth is a multi-sports club founded in 1912. The AAJB never had professional status during its history but played nine seasons (1970-1975 and 1978-1982) in Division 2. The club participated in First in the Division d'honneur until 1955 before joining the CFA for fifteen seasons. For the first cited, then in CFA 2, Blois first won at Épinal (CFA, 0-1) in 32nd before losing to Boulogne (CFA, 4-0). More recently, promoted to CFA 2, the Blésois won at Romorantin (CFA, 2-3) in the 7th round, before overcoming the regional Rannée-la Guerche-Drouges (DHR, 0-3). For the 32nd finals, the BF41 inherits FC Nantes, resident of Ligue 1, which it receives.

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